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EBAY#: 140215770457 START: 2008-03-14 19:27:00 (week 66)
END: 2008-03-21 19:27:00
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A PADD (Personal Access Display Device) featured in Star Trek episodic television. The item is a believed to have been featured in various episodes of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. The item is metallic silver colored resin with graphical applications adhered to an inset ‘display screen’ and an inset faux button access. The application depicts multi-colored information presented in English about the ‘impression produced by possessed persons on the observer’ and is titled ‘Path Analysis’. The reverse features a grouping of Velcro placements and a Starfleet inventory application reading ‘Optical Data Net Service Access’ among other clever sayings. The item measures approx. 8.75 X 5.75 X 0.5 inches.