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EBAY#: 140215770478 START: 2008-03-14 19:35:00 (week 66)
END: 2008-03-21 19:35:00
BIDS: 5PRICE: $330.00assumedsuccess
A white colored wilding table appearing in multiple episodes of Star Trek: Enterprise in the sickbay. The item is made from fashioned wood painted white with an acrylic counter top and shelves affixed to both sides. The item also features metal bracing for a working computer monitor. The monitor has a silver colored metal screen frame that is unattached but is present, used to alter its appearance; the adhesive placements have lost a degree of their quality. The table features a series of raised areas meant to evoke the possibility of drawers. A cable runs out of the rear of the item for the monitor and the item rolls on casters mounted to the bottom. Measures approx. 28 X 15 X 85.5 inches.