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EBAY#: 370019578353 START: 2008-02-02 16:48:00 (week 60)
END: 2008-02-09 16:48:00
BIDS: 8PRICE: $1203.78assumedsuccess
An unidentified Ferengi character in the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode “The Price”, “Kol” became a central figure in the Star Trek: Voyager episode “False Profits”; wherein he and his cohort “Arridor” (Dan Shor) got stuck in the Delta Quadrant and made their way to a primitive planet where they could style themselves as deities of the local mythology. This costume starts with a sleeveless jumpsuit that zips up the front and has stirrups at the feet. The rich fabric is multiple shades of green entwined with silver thread to make it sparkle. Along the side of each leg are wing like strips of fabric with ornate ribbon and silver robe trim. At the bottom of each is a gold thread tassel. The next layer is a long sleeved orange cropped top with interwoven silver thread. There is ribbon neckline trim and a gold leaf design at the front of the collar. Seven gold monkey fist knots are attached to the leaf for decoration. The top zips up the back and has clasps at the wrists. Over the orange top is a blue, purple and silver waistcoat with a floral motif and square neckline. It also has two strips of flat sparkling chain metal running down each side of the Velcro opening at the front. The final layer is a tailed and lined overcoat complete with shoulder pads and made of two complimentary fabrics that both have the same raised leaf design but in two different color schemes. On the right, the fabric is different shades of green with orange accents and on the left the fabric is primarily orange with green accents. The two fabrics cross over in the back and are separated by an orange sparkling trim. The beautiful lapels and bands around the arms incorporate beads and gold twine in a chevron pattern. There are three metal gold colored costume jewelry accents that clasp the front of the coat together with a gold tassel to the right. The coat tail comes together with three knots down its length that culminate with two gold tassels. The costume is complete with green and gold boots that curve at the toe into pixie points and the essential Ferengi head wrap that complements the rest of the outfit. Each item features a sewn in Voyager tag that reads ‘Leslie Jordan’ and the costumer’s tag reads ‘Voyager #144, Kol, Leslie Joyce’.