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EBAY#: 140204159038 START: 2008-02-02 17:04:00 (week 60)
END: 2008-02-09 17:04:00
BIDS: 9PRICE: $589.00assumedsuccess
A selection of concept artwork created for Star Trek X: Nemesis some of which is original art and some are photographs. One piece depicts a concept of what may have been the observation deck of the “Scimitar” which is altered compared to the more familiar set where “Shinzon” (Tom Hardy) met the crew of the “USS Enterprise-E” for the first time, face to face; the walls are different and what may be a char is centered in the middle of a round chamber, a figure looms in at the other end in from of an elongated hexagonal frame, this item measures approx. 11 X 17 inches and is a photocopy on paper. Second, a photograph on photo quality paper of the Thalaron radiation generator on the “Scimitar”; the set is lit for the camera as would it would be viewed in the Star Trek reality, this item measures approx. 8.5 X 11 inches. Next, a sketch work of the “Scimitar” bridge complete with Reman crewmen at their stations and Shinzon in his command seat on paper with muted gray marker coloring that bleeds through to the reverse of the sketch further authenticating the item as an original; this item is so detailed as to depict rays of light shining up through deck vents on the sides of the work and is inscribed ‘Bridge – (Nemesis)’ and ‘W. Diaz 2002’, the item measures approx. 12.5 X 29.25 inches. A second item bearing the inscription ‘W. Diaz’ is an amalgamation of several detailed sketched, all color copied and adhered to a backdrop sheet, depicting “Captain Picard” (Patrick Stewart)restrained in the medical bay on the ship, this item is adhered to poster board with unused adhesive placements on the reverse and measures approx. 24.75 X 13.5 inches, the remains of a removed sticker are present in the lower left hand corner. Finally, another depiction of what is believed to be the bridge of the ship, but without any characters or console placements, with a significantly less refined look than the previous, this item is believed to be made up of several 8.5 X 11 inch copies adhered to a larger sheet, then colored, the marker bleeds through to the reverse; this item measures approx. 33.25 X 17 inches and is the most significantly damaged of the items with bent corners, other folds, and creases. A varying degree of damage has occurred with all of the items but the overall aesthetic appeal is clear.