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EBAY#: 130195301527 START: 2008-02-02 17:22:00 (week 60)
END: 2008-02-09 17:22:00
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Positive feedback Cool Star Trek FC Captain's Uniform-vest, jacket, etc. as described. THANKS!
A costume similar to those featured in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and the eighth Star Trek feature film “First Contact”. This costume consists of long-sleeved, black uniform jacket featuring blue/gray quilting on the shoulders, unhemmed sleeve cuffs with the Command Red division strips unattached but included, and no zip down the front. A vest of the same design and materials but with the sewn in tag ripped out of the lining and likewise no zip down the front; black uniform trousers, a long-sleeved, Command Red undershirt that snaps at the neck and zips down the front, and black, leather ankle boots. The jacket has two blank, sewn in Voyager tags, the tag in the vest has been torn out leaving a torn place in the lining, and there is a tag of the style used in “Insurrection” and “Nemesis” in the undershirt that reads ‘Mike Digiacinto, 11-01, 38’.