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A lot of Starfleet cadet costumes featured variously in 24th century Star Trek episodic television. The first costume is of the style seen in the TNG episode “The First Duty”, a long-sleeved, full-length, black jumpsuit featuring red shoulders that zips up the spine and clasps at the top; open topped pockets on thighs, a black waist belt, and a Velcro patch for a Starfleet commbadge (sold separately). The second costume was featured in the DS9 episode “Valiant” and is one of the Red Squad cadet uniforms in the new First Contact-style; a long-sleeved, full-length gray uniform jumpsuit that zips up the front with Operations Gold quilted shoulders and division trim at the cuffs featuring a form fitting elastic waist with loops for ‘away team' gear, sewn on closed flap pockets on the thigh, a gray fabric belt, a Velcro patch for a Starfleet commbadge (sold separately). A gray long sleeved turtleneck undershirt and a metal, gold and red-colored “Red Squad” pin on the collar. The last costume is that of a ‘future’ Starfleet cadet from the Voyager finale episode “Endgame”, a long-sleeved, full–length, gray, uniform jumpsuit that features a line of black piping around the shoulders, a Velcro patch on the left breast for an included Starfleet future commbadge, and zips up the spine and clasps at the neck. A sewn in Voyager tag in the first item reads ‘Rebecca Jackson’ and a costumer’s tag reads ‘Cadet, red, TNG. A sewn in Deep Space Nine tag in the second item reads ‘Tate Branford’ and a costumer’s tag reads ‘Tate Branford, Gold, Chief, Cadet, DS9’. A sewn in tag in the third costume reads ‘May Wang’ and costumer’s tag reads ‘Voyager, #748, Starfleet, May Wang’.

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