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EBAY#: 140204159161 START: 2008-02-02 18:04:00 (week 60)
END: 2008-02-09 18:04:00
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A pair of matching building models created for Star Trek episodic television to represent buildings on a skyline. The items are mounted on foam square-shaped bases with plastic tubes running up to create a pedestal, and three metal rings representing the actual structure of the buildings. A variety of graphical applications representing windows and detail are applied to the items and both feature an ‘elevator’ positioned on the pedestal at differing heights. The items are painted light blue and measure approx. 8 X 7 X 14.25 inches and 8.75 X 9.5 X 21 inches. The circular structures at the top have come off their pedestals but are included and the graphical applications have lost a degree of their adhesive quality, yet the overall aesthetic of the items is still present and viable.