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A lot of two prop items believed to have been created for the Star Trek: The Next Generation episodes like “Datalore”, “The Measure of a Man”, or “Brothers”. The items are a molded rubber right hand and left foot with nearly identical vacuum formed plastic octagonal devices affixed to the ankle and wrist of the respective items. The anatomical elements have been painted white and a degree of the paint has worn away with time, the technological pieces both feature untested electronics in the form of a green light powered by a ‘CR 2025 3volt battery each. Access to the battery compartments has proven to detract from the adhesive element of the cover plates and they are thus hanging, and the raised part of the stumps are loose on the items allowing them to pivot on their electrical housings. The items measure approx. 10 X 4.25 X 4.75 inches and 9 X 4.25 X 5 inches.