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A lot of two costumes featured in the tenth Star Trek feature film “Nemesis” and the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode “Unification: Part I” respectively. The first costume is one of the Romulan senator’s robes designed for Star Trek: Nemesis and consists of a full-length, long-sleeved, metal-gold colored under with featuring black flecked accent, three false collars each with various colors and designs matching those of the Romulan Fleet uniforms, quilted cuffs, and zip adjustment; a long-sleeved, full-length over robe featuring darker, metallic gold color with horizontal, black pin stripes, oversized, bell sleeves, quilted lapels, a dark-gray, resin cast, pin-backed Romulan senator’s badge, a matching dickie with white dotted accent, and a black, Romulan-style wig. The second costume was featured as a Romulan civilian and reused for one of the former Borg in the Voyager episode “Unity”; a long sleeved, olive-colored shirt with a black design, large shoulder pads typical in TNG-style Romulan costumes but with the under arm area intentionally torn out, copper-colored trousers and brown socks. There is a pinned in tag in both robes of the senator’s costume that reads ‘Andy Keith, #9’, the second costume features a sewn in Voyager tag that reads ‘Craig Reed’, and a costumer’s tag that reads ‘TNG #207 Unification: Part I, Romulan Civilian’.

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