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EBAY#: 140206065935 START: 2008-02-10 17:28:00 (week 61)
END: 2008-02-17 17:28:00
BIDS: 9PRICE: $535.00assumedsuccess
A costume featured in the Star Trek: Enterprise episode “Twilight”; wherein the anomalies in the expanse have affected “Captain Archer's” (Scott Bakula) brain in such a way that he cannot form long-term memories and he wakes up one day to realize twelve years has passed and Earth has been destroyed. This costume is a 22nd century, Earth Starfleet uniform consisting of a full-length, long-sleeved, blue jumpsuit with seven functional, zipped pockets, Command Gold division strip, zip/Velcro cuff adjustment for the wrists and ankles, an “Enterprise NX-01” patch on the left shoulder, a long-sleeved, black undershirt, and is lightly distressed in the form of general wear and threading meant to denote extended use beyond what was originally intended. A sewn in Enterprise tag denotes this costume as ‘Stunt Mayweather’; it also features various actors in various episodes and a costumer’s tag reads ‘Dominic Calendra, distressed, 055’.