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EBAY#: 370021699881 START: 2008-02-10 16:50:00 (week 61)
END: 2008-02-17 16:50:00
BIDS: 11PRICE: $504.99assumedsuccess
A pair of plastic carry cases appearing in Star Trek: Enterprise episodes like “E2” in the case of the dark gray item. The dark gray item is distressed to appear aged and opens to reveal a series of empty holding points for unaccompanying props; the exterior is fitted with metal shoulder strap rings. It appeared in the hands of the second “Enterprise NX-01” crew when they stole the anti-matter injectors. The second item is painted metallic silver with a Starfleet inventory application informing the user to avoid ‘cryogenic temperatures and ionizing radiation’. The interior is fitted with an untested electronic stethoscope that is labeled to be powered by three AAA sized 1.5volt batteries. The stethoscope is comprised of three pieces, a hearing apparatus, a connector cable with stereo mini-jack ends, and a digital microphone. The item also contains four silver colored metal topped acrylic cylinders meant to appear as vials, each one is labeled with adhesive paper by a barcode and reads ‘Emory Erikson’ who was portrayed in the episode “Daedalus” by Bill Cobb as the father of the transporter. The items are intended to be medicine for the paralyzing effects of a transporter accident. A cast resin Enterprise-style hypo is also present in the lot which was not located with the case and which fits into the slot prepared for a differing one. It is painted metallic silver with other painted accents. The cases both measure approx. 15 X 10 X 3.25 inches.