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EBAY#: 140211966495 START: 2008-03-01 16:30:00 (week 64)
END: 2008-03-08 16:30:00
BIDS: 8PRICE: $710.00confirmedsuccess
Positive feedback Perfect! Fast Ship and an AWESOME costume! Thank YOU!!
A costume featured in various episodes of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. This costume is a Bajoran Militia uniform consisting of a long-sleeved, rust-colored jacket featuring a textured, vertical, striped pattern, darker colored sleeves with a black-stitched diamond design, a Velcro patch for a commbadge (included but not attached), a metal earring that attaches via a clasp, pin denoting the rank of Major, overall-style trousers that match the striped pattern of the jacket, a red, plastic belt with a textured diamond pattern, and corresponding reddish leather boots featuring rubber accents of the same diamond motif . A sewn in Deep Space Nine tag in both the jacket and trousers reads ‘Andy De Palma’, a label in the boots reads the same as does the costumer’s tag.