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EBAY#: 130202521111 START: 2008-03-01 17:42:00 (week 64)
END: 2008-03-08 17:42:00
BIDS: 15PRICE: $1314.00assumedsuccess
A prop scanner case featured in the Star Trek: Enterprise episode “Rajiin” appearing during scenes taking place while “Commander Tucker” (Connor Trinneer) and “T’Pol” (Jolene Blalock) attempted to synthesize trillium-D. The item is a heavy duty gray plastic Pelican name brand case with internally mounted electronic features powered by two banks of AA sized 1.5volt batteries. The item has a hinged lock down lid that when opened reveals a prop ‘display screen’ with a static graphical application best viewed when back lit by the item itself. A white, blue, and red button mounted on the right side of the inset ‘screen’ activates lights; the red button activates two green lights beneath it and acts a master switch for the other two. The blue button activates a series of orange and blue lights and the white one activates the ‘screen’. The screen graphic depicts two static readings of a ‘molecular analysis’ graph. The graphic has lost most of its adhesive capability yet remains in place and is as sharp looking as ever. A series of rubber faux buttons are applied under the graphic. Additionally a laser pointer is present that is affixed to a short cable to which is mounted a stereo mini-jack that plugs into the top of the interior next to the white button. It is powered by twoV357sized and three 390sized batteries and functions without the need to be plugged into the case. Another jack is positioned on the reverse of the exterior for an unknown function. The exterior of the case is adorned with metallic silver colored adhesive accents and when sealed the item measures approx. 4.25 X 7.25 X 9.75 inches. Only the slightest of scuffs are visible on the outside of the case due to time and storage conditions.