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A lot of three scripts involving Vulcans from the first and second seasons of Star Trek: Enterprise. The first episode is “Fusion”; wherein the “Enterprise NX-01” comes upon a group of Vulcans who embrace their emotions called the “V’tosh ka’tur”. This episode was originally titled “Equilibrium” and the script is labeled as such. The second is “Carbon Creek”; wherein “T’Pol” (Jolene Blalock) tells a story of three Vulcans who crash land near a Pennsylvania mining town in the 1950’s and have to spend several months amongst the people there while they await rescue. The last script is “The Seventh”; wherein “T’pol” asks “Captain Archer” (Scott Bakula) to accompany her on a secret mission to capture an escaped Vulcan who has been on the run for decades. All three items feature the episode name, the date they were written, which draft they are, and have the writer and director on the title page.