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EBAY#: 130206224371 START: 2008-03-14 20:31:00 (week 66)
END: 2008-03-21 20:31:00
BIDS: 15PRICE: $660.00confirmedsuccess
Positive feedback perfect as always!!! live long and prosper IAW !!
A prop computer appearing variously in Star Trek episodic television. The item is vacuum formed plastic shaped to be a console with two windows cut out for the placement of two accompanying acrylic LCARS style ‘display screens’ (Library Computer Access and Retrieval System). The item is painted metallic pewter and featured multiple lines of adhesive detail and raised rubber adhesive accents. Metallic gold colored adhesive accents and brown colored Starfleet inventory applications with metallic gold lettering are present on the face and reverse. The ‘display screens’ depict a blue themed ‘System Status’ with multi-colored numeric values, and LCARS style faux buttons and indicators. The item is made to be internally powered by a Makita name brand 9.6volt rechargeable battery (included). The internal neon bulb has not proven to function, however, and may be disabled due to time or current wiring configuration (the bulb could also simply be burned out’. The ‘display screens’ fix into place by way of insets, battery access is by way of a bottom mounted access hatch. The item measures approx. 14.25 X 9 X 6 inches.