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EBAY#: 370032932912 START: 2008-03-14 20:39:00 (week 66)
END: 2008-03-21 20:39:00
BIDS: 7PRICE: $161.39confirmedsuccess
Positive feedback Everything was Great! Thanks IAW!
A special effects make-up application featured in the Star Trek: Enterprise episode “Detained” for wear by Trey King in his portrayal of a Suliban prisoner. The item is molded foam rubber painted to be Suliban flesh tone which amounts to a degree of oatmeal textured brown and tan painted coats with molded ridges on both sides of the head. The item covers the entire head save the face from just above the eyes around the ears, and down the back and sides of the neck; it even covers over the shoulders. The item is inscribed internally ‘Trey King’ and is in good overall condition. The centered parts of the application are soft and flesh like, supple, and spongy; the flexibility of the item is excellent, the edges of the item itself are where any breakdown has occurred. The edges are dry in the places where facial applications were adhered during production, however, in other places the edges still retain their malleability. Minor cracks in some of the centered areas exist where the greatest stress would have been places upon the item during production. An excellent display piece to supplement an already existing Suliban costume or to begin a new collection aspect.

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