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EBAY#: 130208182942 START: 2008-03-21 19:41:00 (week 67)
END: 2008-03-28 19:41:00
BIDS: 14PRICE: $1225.00confirmedsuccess
Positive feedback super nice prop well packed
A prop computer console featured in multiple episodes of Star Trek: Enterprise beginning with the pilot episode “Broken Bow” where it was a Suliban console, then later in the episodes “Babel One”, “United”, and “The Aenar” where it was altered to appear as Romulan computer consoles. The item is a freestanding formed clear acrylic panel on a wood base with metal braces and screw holes for mounting onto a larger base. The item features multiple faux rubber gel buttons, a large Romulan style ‘display screen' graphic on both the front and reverse, with teal application details and Romulan iconography accents across the whole front. A lighting feature is present on the reverse which is connected to leads present on the underside of the main computer interface. The lighting bulb placements are accompanying though unattached with one having a bank of strobing blue and green lights, the other with two functioning lights, both powered by 9volt batteries (not included) on remaining wires or exposed adhered copper strips. The item measures approx. 60 X 29 X 25 inches.


Contains::Alien writing | Seen In/Used For::ENT | Species/Culture::Romulan | Type::Set-Console