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A unique set of special effects applications created to depict Xindi-Reptilian “Commander Dolim” (Scott MacDonald) in the Star Trek: Enterprise episode “The Council”. The items appear during scenes taking place in Dolim’s thermal chamber and are composed of a foam rubber full head mask including multiple strands affixed to the scalp aiming every which way, and a set of spiked shoulders and chest applications, all of which are painted in the fashion of scales and very lifelike. The chest applications are made of several molds which are adhered together, the edges of all the items are moist and supple, in good condition.

Notes from someone


This is indeed Dolim's breast piece from "The Council", the head however is not a Dolim. Only the faceplate is Xindi-Reptilian, it has been heavily modified, however. The back part of the headpiece is a re-use from an Arkonian (ENT:"Dawn"), for example. This whole make-up is a kitbash of various make-up pieces that sadly became more and more common during the latter days of VOY and ENT.
This is the make-up worn by a diginitary at the Coalition of Planets signing in "Demons" and "Terra Prime":


Lyn from Alec's Board wrote to Scott MacDonald, who played Dolim, and posted his response:
<div class"quotetext">The mask is not XINDI, and definitely not one I wore. Just FYI. The seller
appears reputable, so I sent an email to them saying so. Interested to see if
they amend the item. The chest plate seems right. But the catfish look of the
mask and back of the head are all wrong.</div>


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