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EBAY#: 370035118860 START: 2008-03-21 18:57:00 (week 67)
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An incredible stunt costume in excellent condition featured in Star Trek X: Nemesis for wear by Todd Bryan while performing stunts as the “Reman Viceroy”. The costume is made from shiny iridescent purple material with multiple molded accents and sewn in metal embellishments. It is composed of these separates: A black undershirt to prevent chafing, a set of overalls, a full length cape, a uniform jacket with shoulder armor, and a pair of knee high boots. The boots feature zips up the back of the leg, thick soles, and a sheath on the right outer leg for an accompanying prop knife. The knife is molded rubber with a blade separation, a spiked pommel and finger guards; the ‘blade’ points on the ends are broken off revealing the metal interior framework, the item is painted olive green with a black handle. The overalls are purple with multiple padded points and matching material over the shoulders and around the arms, Velcro placements correspond to the cape. The cape is inscribed internally ‘Ron #1’ for Ron Perlman who portrayed the “Reman Viceroy” in the film, it is nine lengths of iridescent purple material with painted on patterns, all formed together with metal work, with holed openings for the arms made from olive colored fabric. The uniform jacket matches the overalls, is inscribed internally ‘Todd’ and ‘Ron stunt’, is long sleeved with inside wrist zips, gold colored piping, molded ‘armor’ pieces affixed to the chest, back, and shoulders, and cropped to the upper chest with a center zip that is hidden by a molded ‘X’ embellishment. The costume also comes with a molded Reman ‘X’ ‘buckle’ accent to affix to the Velcro placement waist high on the overalls. The overalls legs fit neatly into the boots when they are zipped up, the calves of the legs and the hem are unfinished. A portion of the chest on the overalls right breast features a sewn in patch with a hole in it possibly for a special effects squib burst.