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EBAY#: 370035118695 START: 2008-03-21 17:45:00 (week 67)
END: 2008-03-28 17:45:00
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A prop alien energy weapon composed of several familiar castings created for use in Star Trek episodic television and feature films. The item is composed of solid cast resin, metal, and acrylic components. The item is black with fashioned polished metal elements affixed to the sides of the stock which have been dulled down to appear ‘used’. These elements feature blue colored acrylic ‘flash suppressors’ and no indication of any internal electronics. The item measures approx. 23.25 X 7.75 X 5.75 inches. A degree of rubbing scuffs are visible generally which tend to add to the item’s character. It is solid, formidable, and weighty.