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EBAY#: 140219782863 START: 2008-03-28 19:47:00 (week 68)
END: 2008-04-04 19:47:00
BIDS: 13PRICE: $360.00assumedsuccess
A prop item similar to those featured Star Trek episodic television involving the Borg. This item is a resin cast Borg “arm” painted various shades of gray, black and brown, featuring textured and chrome-colored accents suggesting machinery or circuitry, and, on the inside, several instances of non-working electronics run by either nine-volt or AA batteries. One piece of electronics, a red light near the “shoulder” end of the arm still functions and runs on two AA batteries as well. The item measures approx. 20 X 7 inches at its widest point.


Species/Culture::Borg | Type::Prop | Type::Wardrobe