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EBAY#: 370090554414 START: 2008-09-26 16:32:00 (week 94)
END: 2008-10-03 16:32:00
BIDS: 8PRICE: $124.72assumedsuccess
An entire collection of special effects make up and a full head and chest mask created for the Star Trek: Enterprise episode “Harbinger”. The mask is for the fully deteriorated version of the “Sphere Builder Test Subject” portrayed by Star Trek veteran actor Thomas Kopache. The mask is molded foam rubber elements created to cover the entire face, neck, and chest. It is a very life-like, fully painted representation of an alien who cannot exist in our reality and who has thus developed severe cracking across the entire surface of the body. The skin is painted tan with multiple dark spots and dark painted crack recesses. The chest piece exists because the alien wore a relatively open sickbay patient gown that depicted the chest. The item comes with a box of special effects make-up specific to the character including two unused, fully painted ears, and multiple unpainted extra components including hand coverings, touch ups, and another mask that covers only the face.