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A lot of three scripts for episodes of the second season of Star Trek: Enterprise. The first script is from “Dead Stop”; wherein the “Enterprise NX-01” is led to an automated repair station but ends up with more than they originally intended. The second script is “Catwalk”; wherein a deadly neutronic storm forces the crew to take refuge in one of the warp nacelle maintenance shafts and, after a few days, finds a group of aliens trying to take over the ship. The last script is “Horizon”; wherein "Ensign Mayweather" (Anthony Montgomery) takes a leave to visit his family on the cargo freighter he grew up on. All three items feature an “Enterprise” logo, the episode name, the date they were written, which draft they are, a title page with the writer and director, a page describing which sets will be used and a cast and/or pronunciation guide for alien terms.