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EBAY#: 130217767075 START: 2008-04-25 17:54:00 (week 72)
END: 2008-05-02 17:54:00
BIDS: 26PRICE: $1050.00confirmedsuccess
Positive feedback Cool item. Well packaged. Will buy from again.
A costume featured in the second Star Trek feature film “The Wrath of Kahn”. This costume is that of one of the female henchmen of “Kahn Noonien Singh”, it consists of a short, gray dress and black trousers that have been greatly distressed to denote years of wear on the almost uninhabitable Ceti Alpha V, a faux chainmail belt with little pieces of electronic circuitry as accents. A black choker featuring textured, metallic, accents and a blue/green “jewel” in the middle with a small electronic component embedded in it that ties on via leather cord and equally distressed and accessorized, brown leather boots; a resin faceplate featuring a thin strip to see out of and covered with enough multi-colored fabric shreds to enshroud and protect the head. A sewn in Paramount tag reads ‘Pam’ for Pam Bennett and a costumer’s tag reads ‘Star Trek II, 60180-100, Pam Bennett as Khan’s Woman’.

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