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EBAY#: 370046268234 START: 2008-04-25 18:56:00 (week 72)
END: 2008-05-02 18:56:00
BIDS: 10PRICE: $102.50assumedsuccess
A set of special effects teeth created for use in the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode “Crossover” made for wear by ‘Stephen Gevedon’ in his portrayal of a Klingon. The item is a set of pink gums and gnarly looking teeth, discolored to fit the theme of Klingon characters, it is one set for the upper row in the mouth and presumably fit to conform to the actor only. The item is stored in a plastic container with a twist off cap labeled ‘Stephen Gevedon, Klingon #1’.

Notes from someone


The title of the eBay page was <em>TAR TREK: DS9 “KLINGON TEETH” FROM “CROSSOVER”</em>, but the title in the description is shown above. See the note at item #6126 for more information.


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