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EBAY#: 130217767257 START: 2008-04-25 19:18:00 (week 72)
END: 2008-05-02 19:18:00
BIDS: 18PRICE: $275.00assumedsuccess
A lot of items featured in Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country. The items are comprised of a set of large ankle chains, a set of smaller chain manacles, a canteen, and a unique Klingon themed monitor. The monitor is made from vacuum formed plastic colored rust red with multiple molded details across the surface, a hexagonal ‘display screen’ that is black, a pair of red light bulbs protruding from the base of the screen and a red colored Klingon language decal. A short gray cable protrudes from the bottom of the device. The monitor itself is no longer attached to the base. The large manacles are heavy duty plastic with a rust painted metal chain between them; hinges are present to allow for them to open and seal. The small manacles are rust colored with metallic gold adhesive detail, metal chain, and hinged bonds, one is permanently open. The canteen matches the other items design with distress to appear used by way of scratches and ‘scoring’. The smaller manacles measure approx. 12 inches long, the ‘display monitor’ 8.5 X 9 X 3 inches, the canteen 8.5 X 6 X 4 inches, and the manacles approx. 50 inches long.