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EBAY#: 370048443780 START: 2008-05-02 18:49:00 (week 73)
END: 2008-05-07 15:19:32
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A model created for use in Star Trek I: The Motion Picture as the Starfleet dry dock used to refit the “Starship Enterprise”. The model is composed mainly of metal with plastic accents adhered for a high tech appearance. Having been stored for almost 30 years the item is in a state of disrepair and several components have been lost due to time. Several pieces feature untested electronic lights in housings that are centered inside their framework. The item is made up of two large spine pieces that were positioned next to one another and adjoining others acting as a sort of roof over the operation, two curved pieces that attached to the spine which are bereft of internal framework, one matching item is present with the framework, six unattached side pieces are present, and two sets that are still affixed to one another. The items are all painted generally rust colored with added accents for detail. The side pieces feature block lettering and number references adorning the back side of the light boxes held in the internal framework. A pair of similarly painted crane arms are included which affixed to the “USS Enterprise” model that was held within during production. The photographs are not indicative of the entire lot, screen captures have been included to show the item in its full completeness. In all 13 items are present with several smaller piece which have come away from their origins. The items measure generally 18.5 X 23 inches and 36 X 23 inches.