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A costume featured in the last Star Trek feature film, “Nemesis” and reused in the Enterprise episodes “Terra Prime” and “Demons” as jumpsuits for the Orpheus Mining Colony on the moon. This costume consists of a long-sleeved, full-length jumpsuit in a distressed, aged, yellowed brown color featuring diagonal quilting along the shoulders, Velcro and laced wrist cuff adjustment, a zip down the front, reinforced quilting at the knees, zipped and laced ankle cuff adjustment. Also included is a piece of heavy-duty, leather body armor featuring metal and rubber accents on the front, various straps and snaps to secure it, and olive-green canvas shoes that tie at the bottom and zip up the ankles. For its use in Enterprise, this costume had the body armor removed, added a patch under the right shoulder that reads “Orpheus Mining Colony, Est. 2090, Sine Qua Non”, and a sewn in Enterprise that tag reads ‘Henry Yamada, Rick Ballicki’.