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EBAY#: 370050553043 START: 2008-05-09 18:12:00 (week 74)
END: 2008-05-16 18:12:00
BIDS: 7PRICE: $188.35assumedsuccess
A prop item featured in various episode of Star Trek: Enterprise. Dermalin gel is used in the treatment of first and second degree burns, be they from high or extremely low temperatures; this item is a jar for that gel and consists of a metal, lidded jar featuring a Starfleet inventory label that reads “Dermalin”, features a medical cadeuses and several inventory numbers. The interior of the jar shows residue of a gel-like substance that is believed to have been simple petroleum jelly. The jar has an approx. height of 4 inches and an approx. diameter of 3.5 inches.