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EBAY#: 370050552723 START: 2008-05-09 17:18:00 (week 74)
END: 2008-05-16 17:18:00
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A costume similar to those featured near the end of “The Search for Spock”, the beginning of “The Voyage Home”, and various instances in other episodes and films. This costume consists of a full-length, light-brown gown featuring vertical stripes in dark, iridescent red floral pattern down the front and along the cuffs; large, bell sleeves, and a semi-circular, red “jewel” with gold Vulcan iconographic symbols. A metallic-gold sash featuring a black-outlined, floral pattern, a large stripe down the left side with diagonal stripes itself, and a similar, circular, yellow “jewel” minus the Vulcan iconography. Included is a Vulcan-style, rust-colored, felt hat featuring the same dark-red, iridescent fabric, a blue, and metallic-silver leaf-patterned accent on the back and an additional “jewel” with Vulcan iconography. A sewn in tag on the costume reads ‘3-9’ and a tag in the hat reads ‘4-20’.