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EBAY#: 370052791123 START: 2008-05-17 17:46:00 (week 75)
END: 2008-05-24 17:46:00
BIDS: 29PRICE: $1251.00assumedsuccess
Get ready to watch Star Trek in a whole new way from this large console appearing variously in episodes of Star Trek: Voyager like “Cathexis” and “Investigations”. The item is a fashioned wood console on rolling castors with acrylic elements and a monitor cavity. The base is heavy enough to keep the item upright but rolls easily enough to position according to your needs; the surface of the item is a large shaped black acrylic sheet. The monitor housing is positioned to accept small televisions or computer monitors and features a specially created clear acrylic sheet with metallic silver adhesive details for a 24th century appearance. The hood over the monitor housing is easily removable and the acrylic sheet comes away as well. Without the acrylic sheet the monitor housing is open to 19.5 inch screens with a 16.5 X 12 inch base and height, with the acrylic sheet a 13.5 inch screen can be obscured. Ports for power and data cables are present inside the cavity and one exists in the reverse of the item for external support. The item measures approx. 49 X 30 X 47inches. The item is inscribed ‘Sickbay 71 STV’ on the base and three Starfleet inventory applications adorn the exterior of the item, one referencing ‘Optical Data Network’. No internal electronics are included and only minor dings in the edging of the monitor housing has occurred.

Notes from someone


Jay notices that the table in sickbay has more console on the <em>table</em> part (removable maybe?), and that the piece looks more like the holodeck console from "Repression":
Image Image

Also, David (docholl) points out a very similar piece of furniture in the <em>Defiant</em> sickbay, seen in "Broken Link":


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