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EBAY#: 130223475652 START: 2008-05-17 17:50:00 (week 75)
END: 2008-05-24 17:50:00
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A specially designed acrylic panel created for Star Trek episodic television or feature films. The item is a translucent sheet of smoked acrylic with silk-screened multi-colored graphics applied across the face. The item features rounded corners, one of which is broken off next to a substantial crack in the acrylic the pieces of which fit back together flush. The LCARS style graphic (Library Computer Access and Retrieval System) depicts a grid of stellar mapping with a red border stair-stepping around several of the sections. Stars are depicted in all of the grid sections and numeric values denoting their location or cataloging. A series of numeric values exist across the top of the information bar and a listing detailing the map as ‘Stellar Cartography – Map 2387’, one across the bottom reads ‘Sector 22757’. The item measures approx. 36 X 21 inches. Unlike many acrylic panels of this sort, the graphics on the face of the item are visible all the time, but reverse back lighting the item only brings them out more. The item was photographed with diffusion during illumination.