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EBAY#: 370052791250 START: 2008-05-17 18:42:00 (week 75)
END: 2008-05-24 18:42:00
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A prop PADD (Personal Access Display Device) featured in Star Trek episodic television. The item is fashioned from two layers of acrylic or resin and features an inset ‘display screen’. The screen depicts ‘Lingual Skills’ of ‘Cardassian’, ‘Bajoran’, ‘Klingon’ ‘English’ and ‘Ferengi’. The item is painted teal with black and gray adhesive detail lines applied around the base with a black and metallic silver adhesive placement under the screen. The item measures approx. 5.75 X 3.75 X 0.25 inches.

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Light blue PADDs were used in two occasions: As medical PADDs used by Doctor Crusher and her medical staff on TNG and as school PADDs in DS9, used by Jake and Nog.

This PADD is from DS9. It's a school PADD used by Jake or Nog.

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