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END: 2008-06-08 16:18:00
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A special effects make-up mask created for episodes of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. The item is a full head mask with s degree of neck coverings to extend beneath clothing and a slit up the back to allow for easier entry and exit. The mask is made from foam rubber painted in pink hues with a glaze covering for a realistic sheen. The eyes are painted in excepting the two for the wearer to see out of and run the entire face, scalp, and reverse of the head. The material is in great condition being supple and rigid, the edges of the trim are slightly dry and in some places flaking. Overall the item is in good condition.

Notes from someone


I've been looking for an appearance of that alien in some episode since I saw an image of the mask in Michael Westmore's make-up room close to ten years ago. I have NEVER been able to find it anywhere. As far as I can tell, and I have searched thoroughly, the alien was not seen in any episode of any series and in any movie. And if it was used on screen, it was not seen at all or only for very afar. As I said, I have been paying particularly close attention to this ugly fella, but he hasn't appeared anywhere.

(From some TNG on DVD season box special features)


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