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EBAY#: 130227215886 START: 2008-06-01 15:32:00 (week 77)
END: 2008-06-08 15:32:00
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An injection molded mask featured in the Star Trek: Voyager episode “Prototype” for wear by “Automatic Unit 3947” (Rick Worthy). The mask is the front piece only and does not include the rear part of the head. It is painted metallic silver and is distressed to appear dented on the right side of the forehead where it is painted to appear ‘damaged’. The mask features a pair of hexagonal slides over tiny eye holes for the wearer to use while moving. Other close up versions of the mask were not made this way to create the illusion that the robots in the episode did not use conventional optics. The interior of the mask is inscribed ‘3947 walk around’. Velcro placements for the acceptance of the not included mask reverse are adhered along the sides, a strip of molded material is present to suggest hardware, and a label that reads ‘3947 Walk Around’ inside as well. The item measures approx. 8 X 8 X 8 inches.