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EBAY#: 140239373685 START: 2008-06-08 17:44:00 (week 78)
END: 2008-06-15 17:44:00
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A camera test shot printed on poster board depicting the scene on Stage 18 at the Paramount lot in preparation for filming of Star Trek I: The Motion Picture. The face of the item reveals the padded walls, flooring, and rafters of the sound stage as well as some of the sets built for the feature. The back wall of the refit “Starship Enterprise” cargo bay is clearly evident showing the cargo pod cavities, and a gangway in the upper right through which William Shatner would soon portray “Admiral Kirk” on his first foray into the newly designed ship. In the foreground a gentleman wearing a Paramount Pictures tee-shirt who is very likely to be the ‘clapper-loader’ holds a slate marking the shot. The reverse of the item features a handwritten description of the picture on the opposite stating: ‘Stage 18 – Paramount – October, 1978, 65mm test shot for cargo hold, U.S.S. Enterprise. A matte painting will fill in the missing areas – Admiral Kirk’s entry point is upper front right, 24 feet above the stage floor’. The item measures approx. 31 X 19.75 inches with the picture measuring 30.25 X 14.25 inches. A slight degree of discoloration is to be expected due to time and storage conditions, several dings in the corners are present, but the item is a fascinating look into the work that went into scope of creating the realism of Star Trek: The Motion Picture.