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EBAY#: 140239373695 START: 2008-06-08 17:48:00 (week 78)
END: 2008-06-15 17:48:00
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Positive feedback Items received as described, fine collection, great seller
A selection of glass bottles acquired for use as set dressing in various episodes of Star Trek. One bottle is clear with metallic gold adhesive details and a graphical application adorning the exterior; it is of the variety appearing in episodes of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and in the episode “Home” of Star Trek: Enterprise in the San Francisco bar scene. The other bottles are variously colored in translucent blues and greens, shaped differently to be round or triangular, one bottle is actually solid molded resin painted purple and gold, three of the bottles are filled with colored liquid that is in no way recommended to be injected. The tallest bottle measures approx. 15.25 inches, the shortest approx. 11 inches.