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EBAY#: 140239373731 START: 2008-06-08 18:00:00 (week 78)
END: 2008-06-15 18:00:00
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A prop console dome appearing variously in episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation and Deep Space Nine. Items like this appear most frequently as computer console interfaces on Starfleet and Ferengi starships, though in their own themed design on the latter. The item is opaque white acrylic with a black painted square base and black painted technologically themed design on the dome exterior. The item is also adorned with sparkling blue, red, and gold colored adhesive details. The item measures approx. 16 X 16 X 6.5 inches with only the barest of defects, a ding on one of the corners and a slight degree of peeling in the adhesives. The item can be back, or under lit by an unaccompanying light source to present a glowing appearance.