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A costume featured in the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode “The Search” for wear by Star Trek veteran actor John Fleck” in his portrayal of “First Minister Ornithar” of the Karemma, a Dominion controlled world. This costume appears to consist of a three-layered garment in varying shades of brown, but is a brown tunic, a dark-brown dickie, and gray-brown long under tunic with corresponding overall-style, brown trousers. All garments are made from a textured fabric that gives the appearance of wrinkling and bunching along the right breast due to an attached trim. There is a zip down the back of both tunics and clasps at the neck. The costumer's tag reads ‘447 The Search, Ornithar, John Fleck’ and indicates the components, a sewn in tag in the tunic and trousers reads ‘John Fleck’ and another tag indicates further use by another actor. John Fleck portrayed several aliens in all of the 24th century Star Trek series but perhaps most notably played “Silik” the Suliban temporal agent in Star Trek: Enterprise.