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At long last, a costume worn by Merritt Butrick in his portrayal of “Dr. David Marcus” in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan during the climatic battle between the “Starship Enterprise” and the “USS Reliant” and the subsequent escape from the Genesis-wave. The costume is a set of olive drab colored trousers with specialized ankle cuffs, a zippered fly, a buckle clasp in the front with laces at the small of the back, a two toned Federation researcher’s short sleeved shirt colored olive drab and cream in an asymmetrical fashion with an oval of cream coloring at the left breast, a pair of canvass shoes, and a cream colored knitted sweater that was tied around the character’s neck over his shoulders. The sweater depicts a few points of pulled cables thus some small holes , but it is believed to be the only one in existence. No sewn in tags are present, the sweater was located with a costumer’s tag that reads ‘Star Trek II’, and ‘Merrit Butrick as David’, and ‘sweater used’.