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“Captain Picard” (Patrick Stewart) arrives on the bridge of the “Enterprise-D” to discover the ship has located an alien probe. In seconds he has been floored by a scan from the probe and is no longer on the “Enterprise”. When he wakes, he finds himself in the care of a woman he does not know who claims him to be her husband. Over the next twenty-five years, Picard becomes “Kamin” and lives an entire lifetime with the people of the world, has children, and watches them growing up, all the while certain that the world is doomed by the star it orbits. In his last moments with the aliens, he discovers the truth, that the probe selected him to be keeper of their memories. The item is a prop necklace featured in the beloved Star Trek: The Next Generation episode “Inner Light” made for wear by “Eline” (Margot Rose), wife to “Kamin” (Patrick Stewart). The item is a ball chain necklace with a ring clamp on which hangs a pendant, bronze colored metal shaped hexagonally with vaguely triangular ‘blades' affixed to its opposing sides, and with a centrally located metal dome accent made to appear like the alien probe. The item measures approx. 1.5 X .5 inches on an approx. 24 inch long chain.

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2008-08-18 22:33:57 UTC

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