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EBAY#: 140241468743 START: 2008-06-15 20:26:00 (week 79)
END: 2008-06-22 20:26:00
BIDS: 7PRICE: $102.50assumedsuccess
A lot of interconnected items featured in various episodes of Star Trek: Enterprise like “Anomaly”. The items are a set of wired together console panels created to generate the effect of non-static gages detailing the atmospheric pressure inside the airlock of “Enterprise NX-01”. The main panel is an acrylic sheet with graphical applications adhered to the face and reverse. The back side is a multi-colored display best viewed when back lit and the face is a framing piece. The item features a light box with a bulb made to be attached to the upper indicator, another set of dials are present made to mount behind the item with their own light source to slide up and down depending on the situation in the airlock. The face of the main panel has been distressed to appear ‘scorched’ most likely due to the events portrayed in the episode “Azati Prime”. The item measures approx.