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EBAY#: 140241468759 START: 2008-06-15 20:32:00 (week 79)
END: 2008-06-22 20:32:00
BIDS: 29PRICE: $2334.99confirmedsuccess
Positive feedback arrived safely, even though I did not know it was on the way
A Klingon costume similar to those featured throughout 24th century Star Trek episodic television and feature films. This lot consists of a gray, leather/vinyl pleated, jacket featuring textured, vertical stripes, a dark-gray, shoulder “armor” piece with diamond-shaped rubber detail, metal tabs, wood and metal accents on the chest; chain around the left shoulder, black faux fur sleeves, horizontal, black stripes above them. A long, sleeveless, gray undergarment with large vertical pleats, a second undergarment with a white stitched, swirl pattern, and one of the trademark Klingon belts featuring the trapezoidal buckle and five raised dots on it. A black leather gorget featuring black, rubber piping and Klingon iconographic symbols, matching gauntlets, black, vinyl disruptor holster with resin cast accents, a pair of black, leather gloves with trimmed fingers and “claws” on the ends, rubber and resin cast gauntlet and arm badges with Klingon iconography, a molded foam spinal piece, gray, pleated, overall-style trousers with stirrups for the feet, and black, vinyl spats. Multiple labels denote use by many actors. Included is an additional faux leather dickie with a textured, faux snake skin design believed to have been worn by Steve Rankin as “Yeto” in the Deep Space Nine episode “Invasive Procedures” but is labeled as “Steve Ramkin”.