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EBAY#: 140241468877 START: 2008-06-15 21:06:00 (week 79)
END: 2008-06-22 21:06:00
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A lot of costume elements featured in various episodes of 24th century Star Trek episodic television involving the Maquis. The first item is a Maquis vest for wear by veteran extra Taryk Ergin as “Lieutenant Ayala”, an actor who was in the majority of episodes of Voyager but only had lines in four episodes, in Voyager episodes like “Caretaker”, “Repression” and “Shattered”; it is a weathered, brown, leather jacket featuring yellowed, large quilted “shoulder pads” added to it and several functional pockets including a hidden one on the inside. Two items for wear by John Franklin-Robbins in the role of the Maquis leader that “Ro Lauren” (Michelle Forbes) begins to sympathize with during her mission to infiltrate his cell in the TNG episode “Preemptive Strike”, “Macias”; two exceedingly-long, identical vests in various shades of brown featuring an almost black pinstripe pattern with a lighter brown diamond motif and vertical stripes, dark-brown faux suede trim, and darker still brown leather accents with a wrinkled look to them. The last item is a jacket for wear by Ken Marshall in the role of the Federation security officer who defected and became the head of the Maquis, “Lieutenant Commander Michael Eddington”, a long-sleeved, brown, leather jacket with reinforced padding along the shoulders and that has been weathered for effect. All items feature sewn in tags that denote wear by the described actor save the second “Macias” jacket whose tag has been replaced with one for an episode of “Enterprise”.