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A lot of three scripts from episodes of Star Trek: Enterprise that have important first appearances, either of new aliens, the introduction of an already established race in this series, or other well known item. The first script is from the episode “Fight or Flight”; wherein the “Enterprise NX-01” finds a ship whose crew are all dead, having had crucial bodily components ‘harvested’. This episode introduces us to the “Axanar” and features the first appearance of the 22nd century EVA suits. The second script is the “The Andorian Incident”; wherein a group of Andorians raid the Vulcan sanctuary of “P’Jem” convinced that there is a secret listening post underneath. This episode was the first since the original series to have Andorians as main characters and introduces the character of “Commander Shran” (Jeffrey Combs). In addition, a schematic of the Vulcan catacombs beneath “P’Jem” is included with this script. The last script is for “Acquisition”; herein a group of interstellar thieves, who are obviously Ferengi but are never actually named as thus, incapacitate the crew and begin looting the “Enterprise NX-01”. This episode obviously, if not officially, gives us our first series appearance of the Ferengi and minutiae associated with them. All three scripts have a cover page with an Enterprise graphic, the name of the episode, that it is the final draft and date; a second page that features the series and episode name, episode number, writer and director credits, the label that it is the final draft, a list of revisions, and its date. Each script also includes a page of sets to be used, a page of the cast, and a pronunciation guide for “technical” or alien words.