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EBAY#: 370064590985 START: 2008-06-29 18:54:00 (week 81)
END: 2008-07-09 18:54:00
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A costume featured in the ninth Star Trek feature film “Nemesis”. This costume is a stunt version of the Starfleet uniform for “Lt. Commander Data” (Brent Spiner), it is comprised of a full-length black jumpsuit with gray quilted shoulders, black elastic stirrups at the feet, a form fitting elastic waistband sewn inside with attached loops for ‘away team’ gear, a Velcro patch on the left breast for a commbadge (sold separately), and an Operations Gold division stripe at the cuff. The uniform zips up the front and comes complete with a separate long-sleeved undershirt matching the division cuff color. The costume has extra fabric under the arms and between the legs to give extra flexibility like stunt costumes sometimes do and also has a small inseam tear on the left leg. A sewn in tag reads ‘Data, Stunt-D, Brian Williams, Water’. This costume was the one worn in the scene in “Insurrection” where”Data”, but in this case, his stunt man is in the lake where the cloaked holoship is being hidden denoted by the label “Water” in the tag.