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EBAY#: 130234642794 START: 2008-06-29 19:10:00 (week 81)
END: 2008-07-09 19:10:00
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A costume featured in the Star Trek: Voyager episode “Tsunkatse”: wherein “Seven of Nine” (Jeri Ryan) and “Tuvok” (Tim Russ) are kidnapped by a devious fight promoter who forces “Seven” to fight in spectator sport called “Tsunkatse”. This costume is worn by the veteran Trek actor better known as “General/Chancellor Martok” (J.G. Hertzler) of DS9 fame and consists of a sleeveless, metallic-green, vinyl jumpsuit with a very low front, a zip down the back, and stirrups for the feet. Included are two matching vinyl bandolier/belts featuring mounts for the sensors that would deliver a “bioplasmic charge” when struck. Two pair of corresponding vinyl gloves featuring either green or red panels on the top that light up; with Velcro on the bottom and circuitry, activation switches, and several AAA size batteries as a power source for the lights. A pair of matching metallic-green Nike brand shoes with a similar illuminating red panel on the side with similar circuitry except powered by one 9-volt battery instead. A sewn in Voyager tag in the jumpsuit reads ‘J.G. Hertzler’ as does a label on the individual bags of both pairs of gloves; a costumer’s tag reads ‘Voyager, #232 Tsunkatse, Hirogen Hunter, J.G. Hertzler’.