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EBAY#: 140251030827 START: 2008-07-19 15:54:00 (week 84)
END: 2008-07-26 15:54:00
BIDS: 13PRICE: $407.00assumedsuccess
A set piece appearing variously in episodes of Star Trek: Enterprise listing it as a computer console interface for the ‘Primary Data Core’ on the “Enterprise NX-01”. The item is vacuum formed plastic painted metallic silver with an acrylic sheet affixed to the interior that is visible through inset cut outs in the plastic. The acrylic appears is made to be back lit by an external light source and depicts multiple instances of ‘flow rate’, indicator lights, and is adorned with the ends of three statically positioned ‘data modules’ listing them as ‘signal processing’ and ‘mission operations’. The item was part of a larger set piece and was carefully removed prior to set strike. Measuring approx. 22.5 X 8 X 3.5 inches, this item may have appeared in a differing configuration in the Star Trek: Voyager episodes “Workforce, Parts I and II”.