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EBAY#: 140251030864 START: 2008-07-19 16:12:00 (week 84)
END: 2008-07-26 16:12:00
BIDS: 5PRICE: $260.00confirmedsuccess
Positive feedback Happy to finally get one!! Would deal with anytime!! A+
A prop Orion PADD (Personal Access Display Device) like those appearing in the slave market scenes in the Star Trek: Enterprise episode “Borderland”. The item is solid cast resin with multiple raised accents and an embedded circular ‘display screen’ that features an iridescent graphical application adhered to it. The graphic depicts Orion themed iconographic lettering and the item is adorned with metallic gold colored adhesive details. Painted metallic bronze and copper, the item measures approx. 5 X 0.5 X 7 inches and depicts only the barest of scuffs and scratches.