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EBAY#: 140252728505 START: 2008-07-26 20:10:00 (week 85)
END: 2008-08-02 20:10:00
BIDS: 8PRICE: $799.00assumedsuccess
A costume similar to those featured in various episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation. This costume is one of that of “Whoopi Goldberg” in the role of “Guinan”, it consists of a long-sleeved gown in an iridescent red featuring thin, raised, blue-green stripes down the front with a heavily pleated left shoulder and arm in the same color as the stripes, and matching trousers. Included is one of “Guinan’s” trademark hats in the same blue-green but featuring a textured fabric, more iridescent red on top and fingerless gloves matching the blue fabric. A costumer’s tag reads ‘Star Trek: Next Gen, Guinan, Whoopi Goldberg’.